What happens when a Slam associate comes upon estranged Knicks PG Stephon Marbury just-hanging-out at a Los Angeles bus stop?  Genuinely funny footage?  (check)  Plenty of traffic for G.I. Joe?  (yup)  A somewhat dated observation from Fan IQ blog’s 100% Injury Rate with an equally gratuitous reply from yours truly? (you gotta believe!)

It’s hard not to like someone who does something like this. and if you think this is the weirdest thing Steon’s ever done, it’s not even close. He watched one of the Presidential debates from a homeless shelter in the Bowery – one of the areas of NYC you should pretty much avoid at all costs. How did he wind up there? He befriended some homeless dudes while he was eating dinner at a local pizza joint. Of course.

I hate to nitpick, but the Bowery hasn’t been “one of the areas of NYC you should pretty much avoid at all costs” for a very long time (unless you’re trying to avoid the John Varatos record boutique, which totally sucks).  Eating pizza with homeless dudes is very Tony Romo, Autumn of 2008.    This interview with Bruce Beck, however, is totally off-the-fucking-charts insane.