A few years ago, I attended a Mets/Yankees game at the old Yankee Stadium in the company of the erudite and talented Jeffrey Jensen and Jesper Eklow.  We sat somewhere in the upper reaches of The Stadium’s tier seats, surround by a gang of mouthy Yankee fans, several of whom either starred in the movie, “Boiler Room” or were simply devoted to dressing and acting like tools on a full-time basis.  These gentlemen spent much of the evening addressing the Mets and Mets fans in terms that ranged from “you suck”, to “you suck cock”, to the particuarly Wilde-worthy, “you suck homo cock”.  As things became more heated throughout the game (and a Yankee defeat appeared imminent), one of the more lumpen members of this modern day Algonquin Round Table uttered the cutting epithet he’d surely been sitting on since the moment he laid eyes upon us ;

“fuck you, you fucking hipsters”.

Needless to say, I was confused.  Had he called us homeless, I might’ve understood.   I wouldn’t have liked it, but it would’ve made more sense.  As the years have gone by, I’ve struggled to understand precisely, what a hipster is supposed to be.  If you read a lot of unfunny blogs, it appears to have something to do with stupid facial hair, drinking PBR and some large dose of elitism.   I mean, guilty as charged on the elitism, but they don’t get much more elite than Mitt Romney, and nobody’s calling him a hipster.

Anyhow, back in the present day, the Mets’ NY-Penn League affiliate apparently knows for certain what a hipster is.  Much as I’ve enjoyed many nights at Coney Island’s Keyspan Park, I’m less than enthused about giving the Wilpon family money in order to mock and demean a minority group that doesn’t actually exist.