(from the Chicago Reader)

….I’m genuinely frightened to find out who is. Last seen in this space inexplicably adorning the now infamous eBay-Thailand-Joy-Division-tee, The Fall’s legendary M.E.S. can be viewed on a regular basis by patrons of the Berwyn, IL YMCA.  On the left arm of one of their fellow fitness buffs, that is.  Though I’m not sure how Mark would react to his most hardcore supporter frequenting a gym (let’s just Smith will never be confused with Jack Lalane), the band’s Illinois ties are impossible to ignore.  Chicago served as the locale for one of The Fall’s better live albums (‘A Part Of America Therein, 1981’), it’s where Mark first met encountered future bride/collaborator Brix, and now the city (or relatively nearby) serves as home to a man with a fucking enormous Mark E. Smith tattoo.