(Weiland, possible last minute entry for the NYC mayoral Democratic primary)

Over the years, I’ve certainly had any number of unkind things to say about former Stone Temple Pilots vocalist/occasional sports blogger Scott Weiland. But I’ve never been nearly so cruel as to to compare Weiland to someone nearly as universally despised as Ryan Braun, an analogy the Huffington Post’s Tom Semioli seems to think is entirely appropriate (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Fortunately for Weiland, his chosen entertainment profession is that of a rock star, so he continues to ply his craft and earn money, even after he was fired from his regular gigs. The supposedly “Stoned” Temple Pilot and Velvet Revolver crooner is currently on a summer tour singing his former band’s iconic 1990s anthems with a new ensemble. Ryan Braun is professionally inactive: he cannot ply his craft nor earn money.

Most American rock fans don’t take offense when their favorite rock entertainers use drugs. Baseball fans purchased product in record numbers during the “steroid era” of baseball entertainment. And when steroid use shortens the careers of certain baseball entertainers — new baseball entertainers, some of whom use drugs, take their place. Same deal with rock stars: when one dies or a career fades, another band comes along with songs and stories often fueled by drug experiences. The games and the gigs continue to thrive. And so do the drugs.

In America, that’s entertainment!

Note: Scott Weiland’s latest dismissal from STP has not been officially attributed to drug use.

Though I’m a little embarrassed to be taking the bait…here goes! Braun is accused of taking drugs that enhanced his performances. Conversely, Weiland is widely presumed to have consumed drugs that hampered his ability to perform his professional duties for one reason or another. And Braun is temporarily inactive — his contract has not been voided, and if he’s able to produce in the future at anything close to the numbers he’s alleged to have compiled under the influence of PED’s, he’ll continue to earn a decent living.

But at least Semioli didn’t compare Weiland to this guy.