Boston’s Kevin Garnett (above, right) is no stranger to bold statements and overblown analogies, and during a Saturday chat with WEEI’s Grande & Max he continued on a similar path, promising that he’d kill himself in order to win. I’m hopeful Billy Hunter has made it clear KG cannot be contractually held to this pledge.   Transcription courtesy of Slam :

‘I’d die out here if I had to and that’s real talk. I’ve been doing this for a long time and ways where I know how to conserve energy and get ‘em at free throw lines and when guys are shooting free throws, those are valuable seconds for me. When I train in the summer I train for a lack of, and when I say that, I mean rest. I program my body to recover as quickly as it can. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m a cerebral player these days and I know how to buy myself time on pick and rolls and stuff like that, things that you don’t see when you’re in your seat and it helps me.’ […] ‘I have no life at this point. I go home, get treatment, come back in here, study tape, film. No life at all. This is what it is.’