…Hot Shit College Student suggests you check out Dave Parker’s.

The successor to Roberto Clemente in right field, Three Rivers Stadium icon Dave Parker was flashy with his potent bat, rifle-like arm”and gaudy jewelry. Traditionally wearing a necklace with a Star of David charm throughout his career, the outspoken outfielder was once asked why he chose to wear a Jewish symbol. Said Parker: “Because I’m David, and I’m the star.” Offered here are two of the slugger’s trademark accessories. Includes: *1) “Cobra” Ring* – this 18-karat gold, size 11-1/2 ring flaunts “/Cobra/” in 39 genuine diamond chips. The script-style characters are accented by a paraph comprised of diamonds and red gemstones. With a few light scratches, the ring shows minimally EX/MT quality; *2) Batting Championship Chain* – this 18″, 14-karat gold necklace showcases a 2″-long gold bat on which diamond chips (65 in all) are arranged to denote “/338 – 77/” and “/DGP/” (David Gene Parker) on the opposite side. NM quality. Celebrating his first batting title, the Triple Crown threat hit .334 for an encore, winning his second straight hitting crown while earning MVP laurels. “

Muses HSCS, “It should go well with Ralph Kaplowitz’s NYU sweater.”