“WFAN’s Steve Somers (above) may think he’s being Catskills clever when he references Notre Dame football as ‘the goyim’ — a Yiddish expression for non-Jews. But not only is that not clever, it comes off as bigoted. Besides, Notre Dame long has had Jewish football players.” – Phil Mushnick, NY Post, September 12, 2012

Perhaps Phil was pressed for space or he would’ve been gracious enough to list all of the prominent Jews who’ve played for the Fighting Irish.   There’s a bunch that come to mind for even the most casual fan / reform Jew ;  Mike Golicstein, Joe Montanaberg, etc.  However, when you consult obscure search engine Google with the queary, “Notre Dame football jews”, you’re instead given results for “Notre Dame Football News”.  Should you persist with such crude attempts at research, you’ll find a 1994 New York Times article in which Notre Dame’s recruitment of a Jewish QB was considered somewhat unique…because they’d never had one before.

Is there any barrier besides ability preventing leader-of-young-men Brian Kelly from featuring Jewish players?  None that I’m aware of.  But Somers calling Notre Dame “the goyim” is neither hateful nor a wild exaggeration.