It’s not every day you’ll see a Deadspin item linked at CSTB for thoroughly non-critical or ironic reasons, but even the site’s most ardent defenders would have to admit it’s not everyday A.J. and co. uncover a story as monumental as the following ; let the likes of Page 2 try in vain to get Steve Bartman to talk on the record.  Daulerio’s stumbled upon the MySpace profile of Billy Ligue aka William Ligue III, offspring and co-conspirator of infamous Tom Gamboa mugger William Ligue Jr.

Is violating the privacy of a (trashy) civilian any better or worse than looking over Stuart Scott’s shoulder? Hey, wait, this was supposed to be non-critical! Ethical hangups aside, I’ve got to give full credit where due.  Ligue III’s profile is almost as hot as my own.