A’s 9, Yankees 4

After watching the late inning heroics and thoroughly pumped-demeanor of the ticking time-bomb that is Milton Bradley the past two evenings, I’ll venture forth with the following not-so-profound observations ;

1) Bradley adds a number of elements to the A’s offense, not limited to power, speed and a desire to win so strong it really seem like he’s gonna bust through your TV screen, “Videodrome”-style and high five your forearm to death.

2) How Lt. Dangle thinks he’s any closer to a ring without this guy for a teammate is hard to fathom.

3) This has nothing to do with Milton Bradley. The White Sox are undoubtedly better off with Jim Thome than if they’d managed to hang on to Frank Thomas. But for the peanuts they’re paying, the A’s are way more dangerous with the Big Hurt in the middle of the lineup than if they’d gone for their usual fascimile of Matt Stairs. Even if Thomas only manges to play 100 games, he’s a bargain for Oakland.

Funny to see Shawn Estes plunk the Sultan Of Surly tonight in San Diego ; after all that practice aiming at Roger Clemens, Estes finally has the HBP thing figured out. Of course, Barry stands on top of the plate just a little more than the Rocket.