Whichever genius at Fox Sports 1 thought it would be a good idea to schedule (and heavily promote) a Monday evening primetime special featuring recently acquired jag-bag Colin Cowherd and Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump might well wish to consider the public’s appetite for watching burning trash fires somewhat less than insatiable. According to numbers published by Awful Announcing’s Matt Yoder, sports fans have had quite enough of Cowherd and/or Trump, as is.

As FS1 was airing its Trump-Cowherd primetime special, ESPN was getting ready to air Monday Night Football. The result was that just 53,000 people watched the special at 8 PM ET. Over on ESPN, 2.1 million were tuning in for Monday Night Countdown followed by an audience of over 12 million for Colts-Panthers. But it wasn’t just MNF pregame coverage that beat FS1? No, the Trump-Cowherd interview finished behind the following programs:

NBA OKC/Houston (NBATV) 331k
NBA Coast to Coast (ESPN2) 138k
NFL Total Access NFLN 157k
George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing NBCSN 66k
CFB Notre Dame/Temple replay (ESPNU) 54k

More people watched a fishing show on NBCSN than Colin Cowherd’s interview with Donald Trump that was heavily promoted during the World Series. Let that soak in.

Fox’s own p.r. dept described the simulcast as “historic”, though it would seem to be standard practice for Cowherd’s show to feature conversations with people who’ve never held elective office.