Tom Hicks Jr., son of Texas Rangers / Liverpool F.C. owner Tom Hicks, has resigned his position as director of the latter’s Kop Holdings, a move that would be semi-newsworthy under any circumstances, but is especially so in light of what provoked the younger Hicks’ action.  From the First Post’s Jonathan Harwood ;

Tom Hicks Jr (above) sparked outrage when he responded to a message from Liverpool fan Stephen Horner with two abusive replies. The first simply read “idiot”, but the second was somewhat more verbose, and said: “Blow me, fuckface. Go to hell, I’m sick of you.”

Horner had written to Hicks to express his concern over reports that Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez would not be allowed to reinvest funds from selling players during the transfer window on new players.

Initially it was thought that the replies may have come from Hicks Sr – already something of a hate figure to many supporters. However, Hicks Jr came forward and told Horner: “I apologise for losing my temper and using bad language with you. It was a kneejerk reaction.”

The failure of the club to apologise for his behaviour has not gone down well. “Is this what the club has come to, that a board member can speak in such derogatory terms to a supporter but can go without censure or any public criticism?” said the Spirit Of Shankley supporters organization. “The conspiracy of silence which has followed this unsavoury incident is totally unbecoming of a club which has always prided itself on its relationship with the fans.”