(Gent on the right warns Glove on the left not to accept free Thunder tickets, “even if they throw in free nachos”)

Interviewed yesterday by KJR 590’s Dave Mahler and Ian Furness, former Sonics dad-to-dozens Shawn Kemp claims declined an invite from the Oklahoma City Thunder to sit courtside for what turned out to be a triple OT thriller against Memphis Monday night. From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Christian Caple :

“I live out here in Seattle,” Kemp told KJR. “I carry the Sonics in my heart for the rest of my life, but I have a problem rooting for Oklahoma.”

Kemp said the team contacted his wife to gauge Kemp’s interest in sitting courtside for a Thunder playoff game.

“She knew what the answer was,” Kemp said.

“I can’t do it. … It’s loyalty, man. I don’t think it’d be too smooth for the people here to look up one day and see me sitting in the front row for the Oklahoma Thunder.”