Or, to put it another way, good luck to all No. 1 Point Guards In The NBA. Refusing to let Alex Rodriguez and Terrell Owens have the lucrative kiddie book section all to themselves, the New York Post’s “Rumble” describes œThe Adventures of Young Starbury: Practice Makes Perfect,” a book whose proceeds are pledged to a variety of charities.

In the story, 9-year-old œYoung Starbury misses two crucial free throws that would have helped his team win its season opener. His older brother, Eric, advises him that the key to correcting his basketball imperfections is practicing. In the end, after endless hours of practice, Starbury, with his improved skills, receives the opportunity to beat that same team, and this time it™s for the championship.

We won™t spoil the ending.

I’m gonna take a wild guess that book’s finale doesn’t involve a cheerleader having sex with Young Steph. And while perhaps I’m being a tad prejudicial, I think I’d rather wait for the afterschool special.