…than by watching a clip of successive New York Rangers (including million year old Brendan Shanahan) take on the Caps’ Donald Brashear Saturday night?

The New York Post’s Larry Brooks has no quarrel with Colton Orr being hit with a 5 game suspension for his subsequent attempt at rearranging Alexander Ovechkin’s face, but submits “the double standard of justice that often seems to apply to incidents involving the Rangers remains a curiosity of the one-time Blueshirt coach’s tenure in the league office.”

Donald Brashear, an oafish goofball of renown, most certainly could have concussed Aaron Ward when he sucker-punched the defenseman in the face in the immediate aftermath of his third-period bout with People’s Champion Brendan Shanahan, and yet received only a one-game suspension for his transgression.

Much more to the point, though, is Campbell’s failure to suspend Chris Neil for his leaping forearm to the head of Petr Prucha at 16:25 of the first period Friday night in Ottawa. Neil charged Prucha and then left his feet to deliver the blow that snapped the Rangers winger’s head against the glass.

True, Neil did receive a five-minute major, but Campbell’s failure to suspend Neil for a dangerous blow to the head is inexplicable, though only slightly more confusing than the league’s refusal to address Brendan Witt’s unpenalized elbow to Jaromir Jagr’s head at the Coliseum on Tuesday. And, come to think of it, no more or less confusing than the league’s blind eye to Derian Hatcher’s unpenalized elbow to Jagr’s head in Philadelphia on Dec. 12.

The above, by the way, is yet another example of what New Jersey’s most learned expert on race would call “copying whole passages from mainstream media sites and running it as a post.”  Presumably, doing so with proper attribution violates some unwritten code of blogging. Who knew it was this easy to offend the sensibilities of a guy who spends nearly every waking hour he’s not drinking himself into oblivion honing a fascinating profile on that most mainstream of social networking sites?

Let’s be crystal clear :  sometimes, I copy passages (with attribution) from non-mainstream sites, too. Said practice wasn’t nearly as troubling to the delusional dolt referenced above, when he was bombarding CSTB with the same sort of witless commentary he regularly provides at Deadspin’s Penis Peanut Gallery in a blatant attempt to drive traffic to his own hapless site.  If he wants to continue to harp on the cutting and pasting thing, that’ll do little to change the fact that his next original idea will be his first.

Still, I take a bit of amusement in this pitiable poseur regurgitating the same lines, over and over again. Even if CSTB was named “after a female monthly biological function,” how does that compare to this clod dubbing his own sorry effort “TCSB”? Or the way every time this gutless “critic” is called out for being a fraud, he changes the subject.

I’m not sure what to make of the fact he’s changed a description of me from “indie music wannabe” to “indie music legend”, but the first attempted slur is typical of his nonsensical approach. Can anyone explain what it actually means?

“I’m off to Austin in March,” he grunts. I wasn’t aware my adopted hometown had a shortage of self-obsessed, walking cliches, but if we need another “6’3″ bodybuilder” making the scene on 6th Street to put us over the top, so be it.