How’s that for a quote out of context?  And while “harass” is one word, not two, as Knicks president/coach Isiah Thomas recently learned in a court of law, he tells the NY Post’s Brian Lewis there’s nothing but goodwill foisted upon him by the general public.

Isiah Thomas calls the basketball court a sanctuary – and says he expects a warm welcome from the 16,000-plus at tonight’s preseason home opener vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv.

It will be Thomas’ first home game since a federal jury found he and the Garden sexually harassed for Garden exec Anucha Browne Saunders.

“I think I’ll get a warm reception also,” Thomas said yesterday. “I don’t think the things that have gone on will affect the way people feel about me. Just from walking around New York and being in the city and getting back, I’ve received a lot of love, so to speak, lots of support from a lot of different people.”

While I’m struggling to believe Zeke’s been walking around town much, I suppose it is possible fans are trying to see his good points. For instance, rumors to the contrary, there’s no video evidence he ever broke his hand on Will Smith’s head.