David Stern has announced the suspensions and fines stemming from Saturday’s brawl: 15 games for Carmelo Anthony, 10 games for J. R. Smith and Nate Robinson, 6 games for Mardy Collins, 4 games for Jared Jeffries, a game apiece for Jerome James and Nene for leaving the benches, and $500,000 fines for each team. It would seem that Isiah Thomas has not been punished for his supposed direction of the night’s events, but I digress: he still has to coach the Knicks. Even worse, he won’t have his enforcer. Maybe he should give Anaheim Ducks goon George Parros (pictured below with non-mustachioed teammates) a call in advance of Wednesday’s matchup with Adam Morrison’s Charlotte Bobcats.

Curing kids one ride at a time

Meanwhile, Nate Robinson (below) has not yet announced his plans for his impending vacation”perhaps he’ll read The Cat and the Hat again before embarking on Thomas Pynchon’s Against the Day”but I personally hope he takes a photography class. Imagine his emo mirror shots taken with a new digital SLR.

I bet he's listening to Mineral.