In a story that I find interesting only because I’m trying to imagine how Steve Somers would work in a gratuitous joke at the expense of Stan Fischler (above) were he reading it out loud, Newsday’s Mark Harrington reports on the possible move of the New York Islanders.

With the lease for their ambitious Lighthouse and Coliseum renovation project stalled in the Nassau legislature, Islanders executives have met privately with Suffolk County officials to discuss a backup plan for relocating the team across the county.

An Islanders official stressed that talks were preliminary, representing an option they hoped not to have to take. But they also signaled frustration with delays moving the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum project forward. After pressure from Nassau legislators, the project, which Islanders’ owner Charles Wang proposed developing primarily himself, was put out for a 45-day bidding process that could be extended. The proposal was made a year ago.

While skeptics may view the proposal as a move to push through the legislative logjam, Islanders officials denied that. “We have to explore options and prepare for all the different possibilities that could occur,” said Michael Picker, Islanders senior vice president of operations. “We’re clearly hoping Nassau County approves the lease, so we can move forward with the town of Hempstead to bring the Lighthouse to fruition.”