Move over Sports Putz, the Post’s Uncle Phil is experiencing a level of pop culture tourette’s that makes Larry King look hip by comparison.

Chone Figgins (above, left) remains such a dead-on dead ringer for Willie Randolph (right) that after more than 20 years of running lookalikes it’s an all-time Top 20, up there with Darryl Strawberry and Dino the Dinosaur, Vin Scully and George Jetson, Buck Showalter and Elroy Jetson, Colin Montgomerie and Bill Parcells and Peter Gammons and Andrew Jackson as seen on the $20 bill.

Wow. Here’s a few more lookalikes for Mushnick to consider : Kenny Lofton and George Peppard. Stiv Bators and Imelda Marcos. Joel Sherman and Gore Vidal, Snowy from Herge’s “Tintin” and Brian Cashman.  “Big Love”‘s Chloe Sevingy and world-class competitive eater/rapper Eric “Badlands” Booker.