Having said as early as last January he’d consider relocating to MSG, PG Jason Kidd is scheduled to meet with Knicks GM Donnie Walsh tomorrow afternoon writes the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola.

The Knicks could sign Kidd to the mid-level exception or try to negotiate a sign-and-trade with Dallas. Since the Mavs traded Devin Harris two seasons ago for Kidd, Dallas figures to make a strong push to re-sign Kidd or at least get compensation for having mortgaged its future.

The Knicks’ interest in signing Kidd is twofold. Team president Donnie Walsh is looking for an experienced floor leader as well as a player who could help recruit LeBron James should the Cavaliers’ superstar and league MVP become a free agent next summer.

Kidd would be an upgrade over incumbent starting point guard Chris Duhon, but there are obvious risks attached to signing a 37-year-old player.

And the Knicks also have to ask themselves why Kidd is so interested in joining a team that isn’t vying for a championship. The obvious concern is that Kidd simply wants to spend his twilight years living and going out in Manhattan.

If the Knicks don’t land Kidd, another option is restricted free agent Ramon Sessions, to whom the Bucks made a qualifying offer yesterday, enabling Milwaukee to match any bid.

Ahh, yes, the same Ramon Sessions who must be so thoroughly psyched to hang out with Brandon Jennings in training camp. Keep in mind, the Mavericks can do far better than the mid-level exception if they intend to hang onto Kidd, and observers in addition to Isola are pretty sure that’s exactly what they’d prefer to do.