From FilGoal’s Omar AbdelAziz :

The Italian FA decided to postpone Sunday’s Serie A game between Inter Milan and Lazio after a fan was killed in a brawl between the fans and the police.

A Lazio fan was killed by police gunfire in a motorway service station on Sunday morning, which forced the Italian FA to call off today’s game.

“It is a decision the football world took along with the Lega Calcio and the Presidents of the two clubs involved in an event that had lost all meaning,” said FA chairman Giancarlo Abete.

The victim was identified as 26-year-old Gabriele Sandri (above), who is a well-known DJ in Rome.

However, seven other games scheduled for Sunday will be played on time, as teams and officials will wear black armbands.

The shameful events follow an incident which rocked Italian football last year, when a police man was killed in a brawl between Catania and Palermo fans in the Sicilian derby.

The game between Atalanta and AC Milan witnessed some crowd disturbances and confrontations with the security forces and it was also abandoned after only seven minutes.