From the Newark Star-Ledger’s Ed Price :

The Yankees are in discussions with the Arizona Diamondbacks about sending Randy Johnson back to the team for which he starred in 1999-2004, according to a baseball official.

While the baseball official said Johnson had made overtures to the Yankees about a return to the Diamondbacks, a person close to Johnson — who asked not to be identified because he could not confirm the trade talks — said Johnson did not request a trade.

The baseball official said the Yankees do not want to pay any of Johnson’s salary as part of a deal. The Diamondbacks are considered to have one of the deeper farm systems, so the Yankees could continue their trend that started when they moved Gary Sheffield and Jaret Wright for players to restock their system.

Though Joe McEwing and Dae Sung-Koo could not be reached for comment, we can only presume the former (recently signed by Boston) is bitterly disappointed at the prospect of Johnson moving back to the NL