After Major League Soccer and the Los Angeles Galaxy opted to exercise the so-called “Beckham Rule” on (big surprise here) David Beckham, the Guardian’s Paul Doyle raises the obvious question ; who’ll be next to cash in?

Heartening news today! Seemingly inspired by selfless missionary David Beckham, a slew of high-profile footballing old folks are rumoured to be ready to sacrifice dying careers in order to gently guide the sporting pagans of America towards enlightenment and salvation. Burger-bodied Brazilian Ronaldo, for example, is already said to have ordered his agents to find some MLS suckers… sorry, club asap so he too can spread the soccer word. Altruism will be it own reward for the noble striker. Who’ll demand a salary of $20m per year purely as an afterthought.

Fading luminaries such as Christian Vieri, Roberto Carlos, Edgar Davids (above), and Clarence Seedorf may also follow Becks’ noble lead.

Hey, why stop there? Surely there’s always time for another Paul Gascoigne comeback, or yet another story about George Weah wanting to do-his-thing stateside. And given the blogosphere’s fascination with all things Gilbert Arenas, wait until America gets a load of Volzy.