With 3 time outs remaining, why not take a serious shot at getting the ball further downfield? The Jets’ Doug Brien has the unique distinction of being the only kicker to miss two field goals in the final two minutes of a playoff game , but Herm Edwards’ conservative approach in the final minute deserves much of the blame.

ESPN’s John Saunders is deeply offended that NY QB Chad Pennington was seen yukking it up with Pittsburgh counterpart Ben Roethlisbuger at the conclusion of this heartbreaker, but as Charles Graner would remind us, just ’cause you’re smiling, it doesn’t mean you’re having fun.

Roethlisburger’s shaky performance should breed confidence in whoever survives today’s Colts/Patriots contest. This rematch of last year’s AFC Championship will likely focus on what innovative scheme Bill Belichick can come up with to contain Peyton Manning and the receiving weapons at his disposal. Though it is not my place to advise a coach with Belichick’s c.v., he might wanna take a tip from the recent attempts to derail the campaign of newly elected Ukrainian leader Viktor Yushchenko. Never mind the new bump and run rules, it’s all about the catering this morning in Foxboro.