(from www.mnftiu.cc, used without permission)

(not from www.mnttiu.cc, but certainly created without permission)

It’s probably gonna take more than a free Pomegrante-Pick-Me-Up (TM) to raise the spirts of Get Your War On creator David Rees, victim of an advertising mugging committed by whoever came up with the current campaign for Jamba Juice. Rees’ thoughtful reply :

The clip art is public domain, of course, anyone can do anything with it ¦ but check out the word balloons! JAMBA JUICE TOTALLY BIT MY GYWO WORD BALLOON STYLE! Rounded-edge text box with single line pointing to mouth? I developed that in 2001 using Quark XPress 4!!! THAT™S MY SHIT!!! Jamba Juice, you™re a bunch of BALLOON-BITERS.

First person to sue Jamba Juice on my behalf CAN KEEP ALL THE MONEY. All I care about is destroying Jamba Juice and their overpriced dumb-ass juices. EAT A PIECE OF FRUIT, you morons, you™re missing most of the fiber.