Several of CSTB’s dozen readers live or work in the NY/NJ area impacted by Hurricane Sandy, and my thoughts go out to all of them. And without making a mockery out of a genuine calamity, I sincerely hope none of you have the misfortune of working for Cablevision boss/genetic lottery winner James Dolan.  According to Gawker, Dolan’s Madison Square Garden informed employees that despite widespread power outages, interruption of public transportation and extensive damage to the region, those not turning up for work would lose vacation time in the process.

In order to ensure that we continue operating our business and are able to deliver the very best experience for our customers, we are asking employees to come to work.

We recognize that many employees are impacted by the transportation issues as well as a lack of power, and that some are even dealing with personal damage and health issues. In the event that you need to make the personal decision that you are unable to come to work, you will need to notify your supervisor and take a personal or vacation day to cover the time off.