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“He was dancing and yelling,” Ponzini told NJ Advance Media via email. “If he wasn’t dancing, he was yelling, vice versa. He only made two interactions with other people watching the game, but they were very friendly. Some people complained about him (he was standing up and moved a few rows up). Security came and he was very sarcastic. When the guard asked him to be quiet, he stood up and yelled something and then asked the guard if that was okay.”

She added that after Jeffrey Gamblero put his prosthetic leg on his head, security arrived as fans around him chanted, “Let him stay!”

“Honestly, there was more of a disturbance once security came, and it was awful the way they dragged him out,” said Ponzini, who posted video on Instagram of Gamblero screaming as he was dragged out of MSG.

Charles Curtis, NJ.com

It’s nothing short of disgraceful that MSG security would treat a paying customer like this for having the temerity to root for the opposition. That said, it’s simply uncanny that Mr. Gamblero’s howls of protest sound exactly like those of Cablevision staffers locked inside a JD & The Straight Shot launch party.