Not only did Marlins P Jason Vargas get roughed up by the Mets last night, he had great difficulty arriving on time for his beating writes the Palm Beach Post’s Tom D’Angelo.

When starting pitcher Jason Vargas left the Marlins’ team hotel Friday for Shea Stadium, he got on a train and went in the wrong direction, ended up in Brooklyn and frantically doubled his way back to Manhattan before catching the right train.

Vargas arrived about one hour after the team bus.

Realizing he was in Brooklyn, Vargas re-boarded and exited in lower Manhattan. He briefly looked for a cab before approaching a police officer who directed him to the 7 train.

“It’s probably better I didn’t (catch a cab),” he said. “I might not have gotten here.”

Though NYC’s transit system is hardly the easiest on earth to negotiate, it isn’t as though Shea Stadium is terribly dificult to find. If only the Marlins had a veteran in their bullpen who could provide sage advice, travel directions, etc?

That reminds me, in a a roundabout way, there’s all kinds of hot new content on John Rocker’s website. For starters, Rocker informs us that his much ballyhooed profile was in fact, the work of an imposter. “The profile has since been removed and we encourage any women who have been communicating with this person to contact their local authorities.” And, presumably, a qualified mental health professional.

There’s also new merchandise available from (above). Someone on Team Rocker must be an F.I.T. graduate.