The Newark Star-Ledger’s Jennifer Golson reports former Jersey Nets standout Jayson Williams — no stranger to this blog in the wake of the shooting of limosine driver Costas Cristofsi — was brought to a Manhattan hospital last night after police responded to reports of “an emotionally disturbed person”.

Police responded to the hotel on North End Avenue at about 4 a.m., said a New York City police spokeswoman. Williams, 41, was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Longtime friend Akhtar Farzaie said he last spoke to Williams last night, and he seemed fine. The former basketball star was in town to see his children, Farzaie said.

But then Farzaie said he got the call this morning that the father of two was in the hospital. “My first reaction as a friend was to get in the car and head out and be by his side,” Farzaie said .

“Last I spoke to Jay, Jay was completely fine. There was nothing that would make me … call the police or any authority,” he said.