How better for Jayson Williams (above, left)  to commemorate the anniversary of the shooting death of limo driver Costas “Gus” Christofi than by being served with divorce papers?  From the New York Post’s Dan Mangan :

The blockbuster divorce includes allegations that Williams threatened to kill wife Tanya Young Williams, faked committing suicide, falsely said that he had stomach cancer and urinated in the kitchen sink. His wife also allegedly found cocaine and condoms in his drawer, sources familiar with the case said.Tanya, who is black, also claims in the court papers that he cruelly bragged to her that he performed oral sex “on white girls.”

“Jayson is saddened that Mrs. Williams would make such false claims in an attempt to revive her failed media career,” said attorney Christopher Adams.

“This is a manipulative event timed to create a media circus on the anniversary of a tragedy and is utterly shameful,” he added. “I think her lack of credibility is obvious when Jayson first learns of her work of fiction from the press.”

Taub, however, said Jayson had caused “violent situations” in the marriage, including shattering car windows, ranting, and “instances of physical violence.

I don’t know if there’s any progress in faking one’s own suicide after staging someone else’s, but the former sounds slightly tougher to pull off.