You know the old expression, “nothing good ever happens after 2am?” The same could be said of any news item that includes the words “Medford Police report”. Or just the word “Medford”. From the Boston Globe’s Christopher L. Gasper and Ari Bloomekatz.

The sad saga of former Peabody High ace and Florida Marlins pitching prospect Jeff Allison , whose once-promising baseball career has been derailed by drug problems, took another disappointing turn Monday when, according to a Medford Police report, he suffered a heroin overdose.

According to the report, Allison, 21, was found lying unconscious in a T-shirt and shorts on the bathroom floor of a two-story home at 3 Hastings Lane Monday around 3 p.m. Heroin injection was cited as the cause of Allison’s condition, and the report stated that police found a bag with heroin paraphernalia on the floor of the bathroom.

Jaclyn Caraviello , a resident where the incident took place, identified herself as Allison’s friend and said she found him in the first-floor bathroom.

“I was freaking out,” Caraviello said. “I was in the kitchen screaming, `He’s going to die. He’s going to die.’ I didn’t know how he was. Thank God, he’s fine.”

Well, not that fine. Much as I hate to make light of Allison’s troubles, perhaps his penchant for self-medication could be curtailed if someone from the Marlins organization would just sit the youngster down and calmly explain, “you have something to look forward to in this harsh life.” For instance, Jack McKeon is no longer managing.