From the Detroit News’ Chris McCosky.

Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy apparently is done with the cute Coaching Van Gundy Brothers stories. “If I see one more story about us I’m going to puke,” he said, referring to stories about him and his brother Stan, who coaches the Heat. “Me and my brother. Me and my mom. Mom listens with the sound, my dad doesn’t. Who cares? Really, I’m so sick of it. You guys just won’t let it go. I mean, gosh. It’s not a novelty anymore. It’s painful to read those stories. ‘And when Jeff was 3….’ I mean, my goodness.” When told that Stan was far more chatty on the topic, Jeff said, “He’s in a better mood. He’s 52-16. Let me win 12 in a row, let me go 41-9 over a stretch of games, you can ask me whatever you want about anything you want, you’ll get a positive remark.