A day after the Post’s James Fanelli reported the Mets handed over $50 million in taxpayer dough to construction firms with mob ties, Jeff Wilpon gracious volunteered Citi Field’s vast oufield expanse for a sporting event considerably more popular than the UFL. From the Post’s Larry Brooks :

“I’ve had several conversations with (NHLO Commissioner Bettman and have informed him that we’d love to have the Midwinter Classic,” Wilpon, the Mets’ COO, told us by phone on Thursday. “Gary has told me that he and his team will come out and do a site visit early in the year, so I know that we are going to be under consideration.”

Beyond that, Wilpon said he has spoken with Rangers CEO Jim Dolan and Islanders owner Charles Wang about bringing the Battle of New York to the nifty ballpark in Queens.

“There’s interest there,” Wilpon said. “I know the Islanders very much would like to do something.”

NBC, whose partnership in the endeavor has been a significant factor in the Classic’s success, isn’t believed thrilled at the concept of presenting a single-market game to the national New Year’s Day audience.

There’s also the small matter of one year-old Citi Field being a substantially less historic/sexy venue for such a TV spectacle compared to Wrigley Field or Fenway Park.