(believe it or not, Jerry was not able to retire off royalties from the above video game)

Who says the United Football League isn’t ready to capitalize on the possible absence of NFL action this autumn?  The UFL announced earlier this week that Marty Schottenheimer and Jerry Glanville had accepted coach positions with the fledgling league, and the following item from the Huffington Post stokes the fires for the latter’s upcoming tenure with the Hartford Colonials.  Supplied by “Dusty Sloan, chief web site writer, UFL”, the Q&A is remarkable in that Glanville is described (presumably without irony) as “colorful and energetic”, while the Colonials are said to possess “fans” (yes, the use of the plural was intentional).   Link courtesy David Williams.

Question: What did you see in Colonials Owner Bill Mayer that made you want to work for him?
Jerry Glanville: “Bill Mayer, he’s got a sparkle in his eye. He wants to make this work. He believes in it. I worked for (Buffalo Bills Owner) Ralph Wilson and (then-Houston Oilers Owner) Bud Adams. They started a league (the American Football League of the 1960s), and said, ‘We’re going to make this work.’ I could see the sparkle of Bud Adams in his eye.”

Q: What has brought you back into coaching once again?
JG: “I really came back to coaching when I went to Iraq. I was with (NFL Alumni, visiting) the First Cavalry. They averaged 19 years old. They said, ‘You need to come back and coach.’ We all make mistakes, and I sold myself for a big paycheck. I’m not for sale anymore.”

Q: How has social media changed the game of football?
JG: “You have to be savvy enough to realize the social media is how people will stay connected and be connected. All these changes are for the better. ‘Used to’ is dead. ‘Used to’ is gone.