Rog writes,

I just read this wretched article in Newsday and I’m almost at the point of gagging because I find myself vehemently agreeing with Derek Jeter.  Maybe I just need another cup of coffee.  Dude, everybody gets booed at Yankee Stadium.  Why is this even news?  Why would the local media be a proponent of coddling A-Rod?  I can understand them being upset at real Yankees being booed, but
The Rod has never (and probably never will) be accepted as the geniune thing around here.  They should be on Lord Jeter’s side, for godsakes.

From the offending piece by Newsday’s Johnette Howard,

When told that WFAN’s Chris Russo had suggested on the air yesterday that rather than “abandon” his duty as captain, Jeter should spring to A-Rod’s defense and provoke some back-page headline along the lines of “Jeter to Fans: Shut Up!”, Jeter scoffed and said:

“Tell the fans not to boo?” Then he laughed. “That’s not gonna happen,” he said.

I’d have been more impressed if Russo had suggested that Jeter allow A-Rod to play shortstop. But seriously, this is sort of a non-story that only encourages more vitriol heaped on A-Rod. I had the misfortune of watching a roundtable discussion (actually, they might not have  had a table) on SNY last night in which Bill Rhoden, the Daily News’ Tim Smith and others actually talked about what, if anything, A-Rod could do to be embraced by Yankee fans (amongst the suggestions, mangle his face ala Jeter or Aaron Rowand).  I’m not sure there’s anything he can do, and perhaps it is time he and Scott Boras return to past form….and begin petitioning for a trade to a team that has a chance at winning the World Series.