(from left to right, Captain Lack Of Empathy, Hank Aaron, and ’06 NL Aaron Award winner Ryan Howard)

Proving yet again that democracy sucks, Deter Jeter was introduced as the winner of the fan-chosen Hank Aaron Award for the AL’s best offensive player. On hand in St. Louis to claim his prize, Jeter again pretended to have no idea how public relations works. From the New York Times’ Tyler Kepner.

Jeter said he expected Alex Rodriguez to be back, but he did not have any ideas on how he could make life easier for his teammate. Jeter, the Yankees™ captain, has been criticized for his seemingly lukewarm support of Rodriguez.

œWhat would you like me to do? Jeter said. œYou™re there and you support him. Everybody supports all your teammates at all times. I don™t really know if there™s anything else I can do. Maybe I™m not that smart; maybe you can help me out.

Jeter said he had spoken to Rodriguez since the season ended ” œBriefly, he added ” and he said he saw no reason that Torre and Rodriguez would have to clear the air. Torre batted Rodriguez eighth in the Yankees™ final playoff game; Rodriguez had not hit that low in more than 10 years.

œClear what air? Jeter said. œI don™t have anything to do with that. From what I™ve heard, I haven™t heard there™s any air that needed to be cleared. I™m not speaking on his behalf or Mr. T™s behalf, but that™s not something I™ve heard.

Jeter also disputed the notion that there was tension in the Yankees™ clubhouse, saying that members of the news media were not around enough to make that judgment.