From Jim Rice’s lips to Jim Burt’s ears. The former Red Sox LF shared the following with the readers of his Sullivan Tire (!) hosted blog (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory) :

Last week a story came out in which Torii Hunter remarked that he heard racist taunts while playing as a visitor at Fenway. Other people have made remarks to the media about racism at Fenway over the years and, though I can™t speak for what another player has experienced, in my 15+ years of playing in Boston, I never encountered this type of behavior directed at me, a teammate, or opposing player.

Actually, I never really heard of this type of behavior at any of the opposing ballparks that I played at. We always thought Yankee fans would be the worst but they™re just like any place else. Fans are gonna say œyou suck because you hurt their ball club. If you are just making outs and errors in the field, they won™t say a word. But when you do something to hurt their team such as hitting a home run, stealing a base, or throwing out a runner.

But as for racism, I NEVER had any experience like that. I think for a situation to escalate to that level, you have to do something to incite that type of behavior. If you talk about the fans or acknowledge their taunts by responding to them, that is when the situation can deteriorate into the type of behavior Torii alluded to. Again, I can™t say for certain what Torii experienced or what led up to it, you would have to ask him about that.