Journeyman F Jimmy Jackson refused to report to New Orleans and might be headed to the Swamp. From the Newark Star-Ledger’s Dave D’Alessandro :

The primary source for the Nets’ salvation is now sitting at home in Toledo, Ohio, watching money take wings, and still stewing over the idea that anyone would want to make him play for the worst team in the NBA.

“I was totally surprised — surprised and disappointed,” Jimmy Jackson said of his trade from Houston to New Orleans. “No disrespect to the Hornets, but starting over is not what I want to do.”

While Jackson would not comment on his team preference in The Blade interview, a person close to him said last week he would welcome a move to the Nets, Denver or Miami, though there are at least two other teams interested in his services.

The Nets need him the most, because he could be plugged into Richard Jefferson’s role and provide a desperately needed third scorer — Jackson even scored 21 points in his last game with the Rockets — but Hornets GM Allan Bristow is demanding a first-round draft pick from Nets president Rod Thorn in return.

And since his team is going nowhere, Bristow is in no rush to move Jackson until he gets what he wants. Jackson, meanwhile, runs his businesses and restaurants as the resentment over his exile from Houston continues to build.

“Being traded is not the bad part. The trade part is all part of the NBA,” said Jackson, who averaged 13.3 points and 4.8 rebounds in 24 games with Houston. “I was supposed to be held in high regard. They (Rockets management).

As the New York Post’s Peter Vescey continues to insist that Knicks G Penny Hardaway never requested a trade, the Daily News’ Frank Isola continues to claim otherwise.

With Houston hobbled, Penny Hardaway’s absence has hurt the Knicks. On Saturday, two Knicks confirmed that Hardaway had asked to be traded two weeks ago.

“I think it’s pretty selfish,” one player said. “He should be out here with us.”

Officially, the Knicks are sticking with their story that Hardaway is resting his sore hamstring. Knicks president Isiah Thomas has tried on several occasions to trade Hardaway to Toronto for Jalen Rose.