(this is why Phil has ‘Glass Houses’ on his iPod — so much annoying conversation on airplanes)

The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick continues to confuse Stephen A. Smith’s cadence with the actual words the latter is saying :

No one says nothing with more street-slick flair than Stephen A. Smith. Smith’s day-after take on Giants-Falcons Tuesday was nothing more than jive-infused platitudes designed to impress those who wouldn’t know bombast from da bomb.

But Smith tipped off even those listeners when noting that the Giants’ upcoming schedule included the weak Dolphins, “at Miami.”

Smith’s sidekick, Mike Missanelli, placed in a tough spot, had to stop Smith to tell him what most listeners to New York sports radio shows long ago knew: Oct. 28’s Giants “at” Dolphins will be played in London.

Devoted Mushnick follwers will note this is an old axe to grind for our Phil. In August of ’05, Mushnick decried Smith’s employment of “urban street-hip brotha yak ” which he seems able to turn on and off with the drop of a Kangol”.

To which, I can only reply now as I did then : to claim that Smith™s spiel requires a Jive Translator ala œAirplane isn’t merely an exaggeration, it™s a full-fledged slur.