(yes, Reggie is watching. So keep your pants on)

No doubt fearful of an FCC fine, Fox’s Joe Buck went just a little over the top this evening, describing Randy Moss’ 4th quarter TD celebration as “disgusting….we’re sorry those images had to go out over live television.” Moss, merely feigned dropping his trousers to the Lambeau crowd. Had he actually done so, we can only assume that Buck (recently working as a Budweiser pitchman for the brewery’s classy “Leon” campaign) would’ve personally pulled the plug.

(Buck, shown here during his day off)

Following the Vikings’ win over the Pack, the Fox studio crew of James Brown (The Dullest Working Man In Show Business), Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long battled to see who could call Moss “classless” the most times. That’s the same Terry Bradshaw who has been playing the part of a leering moron (named Terry Bradshaw) on a series of Hooters TV and radio spots.