The New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman hones in on one of the highlight’s of Fox’s coverage of the Giants win over the Panthers Sunday.

The Foxies pulled off the near impossible Sunday (Giants-Panthers) when they turned Plaxico Burress into a sympathetic figure. After Eli Manning failed to see Burress wide open in the end zone in the first quarter, the wideout extended his arms and palms to the sky in a what-gives gesture. Identifying this as a heinous crime, Fox satisfied the anti-Burress wing of the party by replaying his reaction. Nothing like a network piling on a guy to make you feel sorry for him. Also, coming out of commercial, Fox had a closeup of Burress on the bench, giving play-by-play man Joe Buck (above) the opportunity to enlighten viewers about the fact that Burress was wearing his visor cocked to one side – another crime against humanity.

It’s beyond awesome that Joe Buck does so very much to try and clean up the NFL.