If Cathy Lee Crosby were editing CSTB, the following story would afford her an opportunity to write, “payback’s a bitch, motherfucker.” I’m too nice for that kind of thing, however, so I’ll just quote from Pro Football Talk’s latest update on the broadcasting career of Joe Theismann :

ESPN spokesman Mac Nwulu tells us that Joe Theismann is no longer affiliated with the network. Here’s the official statement: “We have reached a settlement with Joe Theismann to end his association with ESPN. We thank Joe for his many years of work for us and wish him well.”

So ends a relationship that extended over more than three decades. And it came about without a party or a press conference or any other proclamation. Instead, ESPN replaced Theismann with Seth Wickersham on the expert picks page of ESPN.com, and apparently presumed that no one would notice.