While 13Maz.com‘s Bernard O’Donnell misidentifies John Rocker’s old nemesis, former SI writer Jeff Pearlman as “Steve Pearlman”, Rocker turns philosophical (sort of) when discussing the fateful interview that all but made him a national pariah. “Don’t pick up fight with a guy who buys ink by the truckload,” Rocker tells the Macon, GA broadcaster, adding, “, “I decided to buy my own truck.” And with that, here’s some observations you no longer need to purchase Rocker’s new book, ‘Scars & Strikes’, to absorb (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory).

“The media have declared themselves judge, jury and executioner in the world of free speech and political correctness, and if you offer up an opinion they don’t agree with, rest assured they are going to put the crosshairs right on you.”

Arguing that Americans’ rights are being taken away due to the war on terror: “You know what? We lost (technically). The terrorists have won. My nation is no longer free.”

He says he’s not against immigrants, but against those who fail to assimilate in the United States and exploit our system: “While many immigrants arrive in this country eager to work and build a better life, thousands of foreigners cross our borders each day with intentions to exploit the many taxpayer-funded government social programs such as medical care, social security, welfare, and free housing.”

Rocker says he wrote at least 98 percent of the book, over a year’s time.