Mets 9, Brewers 3

(Don Cornelius has warned Mr. Reyes and Mr. Delgado that in the future, they’ll be shot from the waist up)

Milwakuee stranded a few hundred baserunners (14, actually), Carlos Delgado compensated for a costly error with an 8th inning 3-run homer, Xavier Nady continued to make Omar Minaya look really smart…and most amazingly, Jorge Julio succeeded in protecting a 6 run lead.

If pennants were awarded based on an 11 game stretch, well, Paul DePodesta would still be employed. But anyone who thinks the Mets’ killer start is a mirage probably still believes Mrs. Bobby Cox walked into a door.

Your Lastings Miledge Watch, as of Sunday morning : 10 for 36, 4 doubles, no HR’s, 2 RBI’s, 3 walks, 3 stolen bases, .372 OBP.

Apparently, Kris Benson had a bad day. Before he got home, I mean.

One of the follow two things is harder to believe than the other : Sidney Ponson managed to put an end to his personal 10-start losing streak. And Albert Pujols (above) is every bit as dangerous, if not dominant a hitter as Chris Shelton.

Apparently, no biographical information is available about Giants SP Brad Hennessy (currently shutting down the Dodgers) without entering one’s date of birth and country of residence. As such, we’ll never know for sure what possessed him to attempt the murder of Lt. Dangle (above)