Says Sam Frank (who supplied the link), “if he wins the Cy Young, 50 times down the throat.”

From the New York Daily News’ Rush & Molloy:
If the Mets can play as hard as they party, they should be set for the World Series.

Unfortunately, we hear General Manager Omar Minaya isn’t cheering the behavior of some players who got together recently to toast third-base coach Manny Acta.

Minaya is said to be especially vexed by pitcher Jorge Julio. According to a source, “Jorge was lying on a bar getting shots poured down his throat. People were taking pictures.”

Mets spokesman Jay Horowitz denied Minaya was upset. “We’re aware there was a party honoring Manny Acta,” he said. “We’re not aware of the details you mentioned.”

Has any PR person in history had as much damage to control as Jay Horowitz? I’m in my third decade of reading Jay’s denials . How sobering is it to consider that with the passing of Bob Murphy and retirement of Ralph Kiner, the real voice of the New York Mets isn’t Gary Cohen screaming “it’s outta here!” but instead, Horowitz saying he’ll have no further comment while the police investigation is ongoing.

The current Mets have a swagger more than a little reminiscent of the ’86 squad. But as the latter team no doubt reminds themselves, camera phones and On The DL weren’t around 20 years ago.