The New Jersey Nets are hosting Detroit tonight at the lame duck venue known as the Izod Center, said contest coming days after the club spent quality time with what sounds like the most dubious guru this side of TSOL’s Jack Grisham.   From The Bergen Record’s Al Iannazzone.

Motivational speaker Joachim de Posada (above), a relative of Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, put a needle in his face to prove pain is mind over matter. De Posada was going to stick himself with more needles, but was stopped.

“The whole thing was about confidence,” Chris Douglas-Roberts said. “He™s really into hypnosis. He strongly believes in hypnotizing people and stuff like that. He was an interesting guy.”

Assistant coach Del Harris had worked with de Posada before and brought him in to speak to the Nets. Asked what he thought when de Posada put the needle in his face, Devin Harris said, “Ow.”

It™s surprising the Nets allow anything sharp near the players after what they™ve been through this season.

“They™ve taken sharp objects away from me,” Brook Lopez said in jest. “We have to use safety scissors and everything. We™re pretty close to getting helmets, too.”