Whether introducing the hashtag #nosandusky or propositioning teenagers, the Knicks’ enigmatic J.R. Smith has segued from a strong Twitter presence to dishing out history lessons via Instagram. The one shown below has already been deleted :

The New York Daily News’ Jaime Uribarri reports the above missive went over poorly with Smith’s fans :

“You’re a f—— idiot” was one of the the more blunt responses to the head-scratcher of a post , while others, like Twitter user @j_weech1, tried enlightening Smith about the true meaning of the term.

It’s called Black Friday because businesses get into the black (profit) for the year, because it’s the biggest day.”

Alright, maybe so, but wouldn’t “Profitable Friday” be a nicer way of putting it? Also, what’s up with that terrible depiction of Matthew McConaughey above?