…Only this time, it’s for emoticon abuse. The former Cal head coach spent eight years in the hoops wilderness — that is, coaching AAU ball and working for a pharmaceutical company, pursuits that are both broadly dodgier than paying for recruits — after getting nailed for dropping 30k of his own money to secure guard Jelani Gardner. Bozeman’s back in the game, now, leading Morgan State to a MEAC championship this season and earning the Bears a role as the sacrificial 15 seed in the Southern region. Equally notable, though, is Blogging with Boze, Bozeman’s shockingly LOL-littered — I refer to authorial-deployment LOLs, not necessarily those experienced by readers — online presence. Brendan Flynn, who discovered this masterpiece of goof, shares his impressions:

It’s really weird. Maybe like a guy blogging as Michael Steele pretending to be Todd Bozeman (above). Or perhaps the repetitive use of “da bears” is an illusion to that annoying SNL skit? But then there is also the use of z instead of s and at least one of these : )

Maybe this what recruits want? I guess it beats cash and illegal jobs for their parents.

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