(video link swiped from Awful Announcing)

The participation of former Lions GM Matt Millen in NBC’s Super Bowl coverage has been criticized in some quarters, while praised in others. Who’d have predicted, however, that a Detroit NBC affiliate would knowingly question the parent network’s decision during Sunday’s broadcast?  The Detroit Free Press’ Steven Schrager explains.

Every time a certain familiar face showed up on camera Sunday during NBC’s Super Bowl pregame show, Channel 4 ran a scroll at the bottom of the screen:

“Matt Millen was president of the Lions for the worst eight-year run in the history of the NFL. Knowing his history with the team, is there a credibility issue as he now serves as an analyst for NBC Sports? …”

Hilarious. But good for Channel 4, not toeing the company line as it sought online comments from viewers on Millen’s gig. Or maybe it was just trying to distance itself from NBC’s brilliant move.

Sadly, there’s little chance anyone at ESPN will employ a similar scroll each time Steve Phillips appears on camera.