(Above: Rochester, just as confused as the rest of us)

In a display of lateness not seen since the aftermath of Katrina, the second-place Twins today brought up southpaw Francisco Liriano from AAA Rochester. Other moves included cutting Craig Monroe and Livian Hernandez, who were reportedly on the market prior to the deadline with no takers. Details of Hernandez’ contract suggest the Twins are saving $133,000 for every five innings not pitched, which will buy Ron Gardenhire a whole bunch of beard pomade.

While this reporter certainly appreciates the gesture of surrender inherent in the Twins waiting for the White Sox to leave town before finally bringing up a 2006 Rookie of The Year who this year went 10-6 with a 2.67 ERA, there are limits to the gratitude. The internet is a haven for conspiracy theories and nobody wants to endure years of foamy screeds about the suspicious ’08 AL Central developments.