3-time NL All-Star Roy Oswalt issued a trade request thru his agent Thursday, a development the Astros carefully revealed to the media late Friday afternoon. Aside from Houston’s difficulty in finding a swap partner that would meet their satisfaction and that of the disgruntled starterThe Chronicle’s Richard Justice predicts Oswalt’s teammates “will feed off his unhappiness”.  Call me crazy,  this sounds like a better dining option. Unless of course, Justice is thinking of the wrong Oswalt.

They are tired of him. I don’t know any other way to put it. His body language on the mound had been terrible in recent weeks. When he thought a defensive play hadn’t been made, he let that player know.

When Brad Mills called a team meeting to address team unity several weeks ago, I’m pretty sure Oswalt was at least one of the reasons. He appeared to have shown up a teammate on the field. Even if he didn’t, some of his teammates thought he did.

This baseball team is filled with professionals. They are people easy to root for. Lance Berkman. Geoff Blum. Jeff Keppinger. Hunter Pence. There’s something good going on in terms of chemistry and leadership and all of that. They pull for one another.

For whatever reason, Oswalt had decided he doesn’t want to be part of this group any longer. And if you’re one of his teammates, if you’ve busted your butt to get him victories, Oswalt’s I-want-out attitude will not sit well with some. He doesn’t want to be here? To hell with him then.